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The cost of trenchless sewer replacement is usually the same or a little less. The longer the sewer, the more savings. With open trench sewer replacement, people forget to include the cost of getting rid of the extra dirt that doesn’t settle from the trench, as well as the cost of re-topsoil and seeding the area. Other considerations are replacing landscaping and trees that are destroyed from open trench sewer replacement as well as the cost of replacing patios, driveways and sidewalks that the sewer goes under. With trenchless sewer replacement (sometimes called pipe bursting), lawns, decks, landscape, patios, driveways, and sidewalks remain undisturbed.

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Traditionally, sewer lines that need to be replaced are dug up using an excavator. An open trench is dug from the house all the way to the connection at the main line, the old pipe is taken out, and new pipe is installed. Then all of the dirt is backfilled into the trench, leaving a mound of dirt from the house to the main. With trenchless sewer replacement, an open trench is not required. A new pipe or liner replaces the original sewer with little or no excavation.


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