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Professional CIPP Pipe Lining in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Founded in 1812, Cuyahoga Falls was originally called Manchester. It was renamed after the waterfalls along the Cuyahoga River. The community is home to Blossom Music Center and borders the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cuyahoga Falls has a mix of century-old homes, mid-century houses and newer developments. No matter what the age or size of your home, you'll eventually need a sewer drain, lateral or pipe repair. Sewer Pro is a trusted trenchless service provider in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

What Is CIPP Pipe Lining?

Cured-in-place-pipe, or CIPP, is a method for trenchless pipe repairs. It restores pipes without the need to dig a large, deep trench. We perform CIPP lining with just one access point, and our technicians can use an existing pit or manhole. With more than 10 years of experience providing quality CIPP pipe lining in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, we're ready to ensure that your wastewater system is safe and problem-free.

About the CIPP Methods We Use

As a trenchless professional, we specialize in two methods of CIPP lining. The pipe lining process begins with pulling a liner through the old pipe. Our technicians coat the liner with a resin then cure the resin with UV light. The second method we use is CIPP relining. This entails inserting a resin-impregnated liner and using hot air to bond it to the old pipe. No matter which method we use, the whole process takes just a few hours from beginning to end.

Advantages of CIPP Lining

When we use CIPP lining to restore your sewer lateral, pipe or drain, you can rest assured knowing that it's the only repair your sewer will ever need. Its 50-year lifespan means that most Cuyahoga Falls homeowners will never have to arrange another sewer repair. The other benefits of CIPP lining include

  • No need to remove hardscaping
  • Same-day sewer restoration
  • No major excavation
  • Preserves landscaping
  • Environmentally sound

Sewer and Pipe Issues Addressed By CIPP

CIPP pipe lining in Cuyahoga Falls OH addresses these common and rare sewer drain, pipe and lateral issues:

  • Shifting or settling soil
  • High water table and water infiltration
  • Rapid freeze-and-thaw cycles
  • Corrosion and rust
  • Calcium scale and sediment
  • Tree roots
  • Food and human waste obstructions

Why Choose Trenchless Repairs?

After our trenchless specialist completes the repair, you won't have to hire a landscaper to re-sod or reseed your lawn. No excavation means your landscaping stays intact. Trenchless repairs can be performed at any time, even if there's snow on the ground.

Why You Can Count on Sewer Pro

Sewer backups and failures can happen any time, which is why we offer emergency service. We serve the entire Cuyahoga Falls area, and our service area extends throughout Ohio.

Dealing with a sewer problem isn't fun, but our team at Sewer Pro makes the process as pleasant as possible. Our trenchless professional team works quickly to restore your sewer line so that you can enjoy your home. For more information or to get an estimate for CIPP lining, contact us today.


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