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Thinking of having your pipes fixed but worried about ending up with a big landscape mess to deal with afterward? Fortunately, a trenchless specialist from Sewer Pro can prevent yard and landscape mess with our no dig technology. You can also get in touch with us when your residential, commercial, or municipal drains need to be cleared in a way that's fast, effective, and thorough.

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Minimally invasive, no dig, is what we do best at Sewer Pro. Hire a trenchless professional from our team and you'll benefit from affordable pipe replacement and cleaning solutions that accomplish the intended goal without major disruptions. We offer a range of services that will address a variety of issues, from sewer backups, broken sewers to recurring clogs.

  • Trenchless Pipe Lining Worthington, OH - Pipe-within-a-pipe repair is one way to describe trenchless pipe lining. It is an approach to pipe repair that restores a sewer line internally with a new, strong epoxy resin liner. It's also an appealing, cost-effective alternative to excavation, sparing your landscape while giving you a sewer line that's fully restored internally.

Pipe lining is also recommended by industry experts for being a long-lasting solution. After we determine the cause and severity of the issue through an in-depth sewer camera inspection, we will proceed with the installation of an epoxy liner into a damaged lateral sewer line. With this process, we will install a seamless liner that has a 50-year guarantee. The lining is coated with a flexible resin embedded liner, then pulled through the broken sewer line. We will then hot water cure it to harden and create a new pipe within the current pipe.

  • Sewer Repair Worthington, OH - Clogs that keep coming back are among the red flags suggesting you need prompt sewer repair. Other common signs include bad odors coming up from sewer lines, soggy spots on your lawn or landscaped areas. Common sewer-related issues that often require repair solutions include:
    • Damage due to tree roots inside sewer lines
    • Cracks or other flaws from age-related wear or corrosion
    • Misaligned joints or cracks related to soil or ground shifting
  • Drain Cleaning Worthington, OH - Recurring clog issues can occur due to flushing down items that shouldn't be flushed at all, for example, “flushable wipes”. However, it's more common for clogs to develop over time from grease, hair, soap, and other substances that normally get into drains from regular use. Tree roots can also contribute to severe blockages.

When it comes to drain cleaning, it's tempting to use drain products, grab a plunger, or rely on other DIY efforts. However, we advise against a do-it-yourself approach to cleaning your drains because of risks that include unintentionally pushing debris further down, damaging the pipe with corrosive drain products, causing serious structural damage with DIY methods that aren't appropriate for the pipe, and even damaging your property if the affected pipe bursts or leaks eventually.

Hydro jetting is another drain cleaning method we prefer at Sewer Pro. Also called pipe or sewer jetting, it's a non-invasive drain clearing and cleaning solution that uses highly pressurized water to remove debris, tree roots, pipe scale, grease, and sediment from inside pipe surfaces.

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We have the resources required to provide fast, efficient, and effective sewer repair and pipe cleaning services for residential, commercial, municipal clients in Worthington, OH, and nearby areas. Working with Sewer Pro means no hidden fees and a pleasant, budget-friendly, minimally disruptive experience from start to finish.

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Sewer Pro is the leading trenchless service provider in Worthington, OH. We're also the company you can trust to steer you towards a solution that will leave you with fully restored or clean pipes as quickly as possible without draining your budget. Contact a trenchless professional from our team today by calling us or filling out the online form.


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