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Sewer Pro is a professional pipe lining company that you can count on for solutions that achieve great results quickly and effectively. One of the no-dig options we offer for our residential, commercial, and municipal clients is trenchless pipe lining. With this service, we ensure a minimally invasive approach to sewer pipe repair that still provides you with a long-lasting solution.

We take great pride in being one of the leading pipe lining companies serving the Worthington, OH, area. Our certified technicians also come highly recommended. Additionally, clients are sure to appreciate our warrantied services, satisfaction guarantee, and attention to every detail. A division of Underground Connections, Sewer Pro is a trusted local company with a solid reputation in the local area. Working with us also means everything will be upfront throughout the entire process, from our pricing to how the work will be done. We also specialize in sewer repair in Worthington, OH.

Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Lining

Every situation is different. That said, there are some signs to look out for that suggest you may benefit from sewer pipe lining. These include:

  • Having frequent clogged or slow drains
  • Noticing foul odors coming up from sewer lines or connecting drains
  • Seeing wet or unusually lush spots on your exterior surfaces where pipes are located
  • Having older pipes on land with older or mature trees within the same area

Importance and Benefits of Trenchless Services

Cured-in-place piping or CIPP pipe lining affords us a fast and minimally disruptive way to breathe more life into sewer lines. Our trenchless services are also often appreciated by our residential, commercial, and municipal clients for the following reasons:

Less Labor Needed

Manpower will not be an issue, which results in added savings

Fewer Equipment

There is no need to worry about heavy machinery on your property

Quick and Efficient

The process can often be completed within a single day


Applying a new inside pipe coating helps the pipe last longer


Re-lined pipes are less likely to need costly or major repairs after the work is done. There is no trench of dirt that needs to settle or get hauled away. If a small excavation was necessary to install the liner, we will need to make sure the dirt settles in this area only.

The Trenchless Pipe Lining Process

Before we conduct trenchless pipe lining in Worthington, OH, we make sure to do a sewer camera inspection. What this does is help us identify the problem areas within the pipe. The target pipe is then thoroughly cleaned to ensure the coating adheres to the inside surface.

The sewer pipe lining process itself is completed by inserting a felt liner embedded with resin into the pipe An inflatable bladder pushes the liner against the pipe walls. After the coating has cured, the liner is removed. You'll be left with a newly lined and flaw-free pipe.

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