Hydro Jetting

Sewer Pro Provides Hydro Jetting in Columbus, OH, and Nearby Areas

When it comes to any issues with your drains or sewer pipes, rely on a trenchless professional in Columbus, OH, or nearby areas,. Take a look at the services that Sewer Pro can provide you. Not only do we diagnose the problem, but we also offer hydro jetting as a means of both addressing existing slow drains and as a way of preventing this problem in the future. 

You might have heard of hydro jetting because it's becoming increasingly popular as a drain cleaning service to keep your sewer and drain pipes in top condition. Sewer Pro provides this top solution to our clients in:

  • Columbus, OH
  • Westerville, OH
  • Gahanna, OH

What is Hydro Jetting?

Dealing with a clogged drain pipe will leave you wondering what your options exactly area. Since we offer hydro jetting in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas, the service can be a great option if the drain is slow or even if it is completely clogged. Hydro jetting is one of the most reliable forms of drain cleaning that we perform on different kinds of pipes. It is a highly versatile method that uses highly pressurized, clean water to clear sewer and drain pipes of stoppages, clogs, blockages, debris, and buildup. The process only utilizes a single access point, usually the one that was created during the sewer camera inspection.

Hydro jets shoot out water at about 35,000 psi, which can remove a whole host of types of clogs. When we go to your house, we'll assess the point of the clog. It might be in one localized point, or it might be sediment or another type of buildup that runs throughout the length of one or several pipes. Hydro jetting can also be used for cleaning out the sewer main.

Signs You Need Hydro Jetting

One of the most common signs that you need hydro jetting from a trenchless service provider in Columbus, OH, or nearby areas is slow drains. As a clog gets bigger or pipes are filled with debris, it becomes more difficult for water to pass through properly. Another common sign is noisy pipes. You might hear hissing, screeching, ticking, or gurgling sounds. Sometimes, when you have a clog, excess air is in the pipes, which can lead to issues involving pressure.

Finally, you might also notice that certain drains have a foul odor that you can't get rid of. In this case, you might have an empty P-trap because a clog is causing a leak. This is normally filled with water to prevent odors from coming back into the home through the pipes. When there's no water there, you'll likely notice a bad smell, but sewer jetting in Columbus, OH, or other areas we serve can take care of the problem.

There are a few common reasons that you might have clogged pipes and need our hydro jetting services in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas. One of the main reasons that pipes become blocked is because something goes down the drain that shouldn't be there. For instance, you could eventually have a clog issue once someone flushes an object down the toilet.

Another common reason is sediment buildup, which is caused when galvanized or cast iron pipes begin to deteriorate. Animal fat will also cause a clog when you put it down the drain. Finally, if your main sewer line gets clogged with tree roots, hydro jetting roots in Columbus, OH, or nearby areas might be the best option. Sewer backup is also common when you have tree roots in the line.

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