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Pipe Bursting from the Leading Trenchless Professional in Columbus, OH, and Nearby Areas

Sewer pipe issues can often lead to bigger problems that require extensive repair work, both for the property owner and the technicians. Fortunately, that no longer has to be the case at all times. Here at Sewer Pro, we make sure to utilize the latest and most innovative methods in delivering our minimally invasive solutions. You can say goodbye to traditional sewer pipe repair and replacement methods with pipe bursting in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas. We can replace old and broken sewer with a more durable option and one that has a larger diameter if needed.

Once a sewer pipe on your property sustains significant damage or is backing up, be sure to give Sewer Pro a call. Our top industry professionals will be sure to address the issue quickly and provide the necessary assistance. We specialize in providing quality trenchless services to all of Ohio, particularly Downtown North Columbus. Serving a 60-mile radius around Columbus, OH, we offer pipe bursting in:

Signs You Need Pipe Bursting

A few indications of a damaged pipe that may require pipe bursting are frequent sewage back-ups. In addition, when slow drains become a common occurrence, there may be sewer line damage on your property. Be sure to reach out to us about these problems. This way, we can conduct an in-depth sewer camera inspection and determine how severe the damage is and if pipe bursting is a suitable solution for this situation. The live video feed will allow our professional pipe bursting experts to locate the exact source of the problem and provide an accurate diagnosis. Once we see that the old pipe is too damaged, we may recommend conducting pipe bursting. 

We Specialize in Pipe Bursting

We recommend pipe bursting to address lines that have major offsets, breaks, or are undersized sections of an existing sewer pipeline, instances of collapsed pipeline, as well as burst pipeline joints. All we will need are two existing small access points. The process begins by inserting a bursting head into the damaged pipeline at one end. We will determine the size of the special bursting head according to the current sewer pipeline. We then hydraulically advance the new pipe through the host pipe, wherein it will break the material into fragments and push it into the surrounding soil. The replacement pipe is inserted into the existing pipe seamlessly by our trained technicians. Keep in mind that we can use either hydraulic power or a pull rod. Once we are done, you will be left with a new pipe that is ready for immediate use.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

With pipe bursting, we can complete the sewer pipe repair in a timely and efficient manner. The traditional method of pipe replacement requires the use of heavy equipment and dig extensively throughout the property. This can mean costly repairs and lengthy downtimes. Our pipe bursting services are sure to not leave that much mess. 

This also makes this minimally invasive service of ours a more convenient option. In addition, it can be performed on any pipe material. You also get to enjoy more savings in the long term because of its long-lasting effects. You also need not worry about hiring a team to work on your landscape, replacing concrete, or even pay for extra labor. The newly created pipe will also be highly resistant to breaking, calcification, corrosion, cracking, leaking, and root intrusion.

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