Sewer Camera Inspection

Reliable Sewer Camera Inspection in Columbus, OH, and Nearby Areas

Sewer Pro offers in-depth sewer camera inspection in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas. We service residential, commercial, and municipal clients, offering them the most efficient and least destructive solutions to a variety of sewer pipe problems. These include finding and correcting issues related to clogs, backups, and broken pipes with the use of a high-resolution camera. When it comes to sewer camera inspection services at an affordable price, our team offers more value for your time and money.

We provide reliable sewer camera inspections and other trenchless services in the following locations:

What is Sewer Camera Inspection?

Our sewer camera inspection services allow our team of skilled technicians a way to visualize and locate problems within your sewer main pipes. There is no need to dig up your lawn in search of an issue. We use our small high-definition color camera, accessing through your sewer line cleanout. The camera is then advanced down the line while our technician and the customer watch a live feed that allows us to see exactly what is causing the problem.

How Often Do You Need Sewer Camera Inspection?

A pipe camera inspection can be used as your annual preventative maintenance. By finding and correcting small problems before they become major issues such as backups, you are able to avoid costly and inconvenient clogged drains, overflowing toilets, and other health hazards. Sewer Pro recommends a yearly camera inspection to avoid backups before they happen.

What Issues Do We Look for During Sewer Camera Inspections?

When our technicians conduct a drain inspection, they can look for specific issues that commonly affect sewer pipes. Roots are often a culprit when it comes to problems in the main pipe. They are able to force their way in and block the flow of wastewater. We will also look for breaks and cracks, that if caught early before the line completely collapses, can save on more expensive repairs and replacements.

Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

The sewer video inspection that we offer is beneficial in many ways. First of all, it allows us to find problems early and perform the necessary repairs so that you won't find yourself without a sewer. This quick action will help you to avoid inconveniences and messy backups.

In addition, we are a trenchless contractor in Columbus, OH, and surrounding areas. For you, this means that we can locate your pipe issues without digging on your property. You will get an instant diagnosis of the problem that is effective and affordable and designed for your specific situation.

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