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Sewer Camera Inspections in Columbus

P lumbing Inspections for New Home Owners & Realtors

Are you thinking of purchasing an older home? As you are evaluating the condition of the house, don’t forget to check the state of the sewer. This is one of the most important inspections a buyer or realtor should conduct. You don’t want to wait until after the home is in your possession to find out that your sewer system is faulty or in need of replacement. Sellers may also benefit from a sewer inspection prior to putting their house on the market; the additional information and transparency available to buyers can make for a smoother, swifter sale.

Sewer lines are one of those things that are not too easily seen. Since they are buried underground, inspections are impossible to do unless you have the correct equipment to evaluate the sewer line. That’s where we come in! Sewer Pro offers professional sewer camera inspections in Columbus for new homeowners and realtors.

Our highly-trained sewer specialists use a high-definition color camera that provides real-time video of the inside of sewer pipes. With this technology, we can clearly see any sewer line problem, including clogs, holes, cracks, scale, and tree root intrusion.

For an accurate evaluation, call our sewer camera inspection pros at (614) 452-4500 today! We also serve customers in Dublin and other nearby areas.

How a Video Sewer Line Inspection Works

The process of inspecting a sewer line is very hassle free. The plumber will attach a camera to a cable that is inserted into your sewer pipes. As the camera on the cable travels through the pipe, the plumber will be able to determine where different problems are located along the length of the system. Eventually, the camera may be stopped by a clog or root infestation, and the plumber will know where cleaning or repair should take place. A pipe camera inspection can effectively reveal issues like clogs, cracks, or sags in the pipe.

When Camera Inspections Are Necessary

At Sewer Pro, we recommend that all home buyers play it safe and have the sewer lines inspected for clogs and damage prior to purchasing the home. You don’t want to be stuck with paying the bill to repair or replace the sewer system right after you move in.

We understand that not everyone will want to conduct a sewer inspection. However, there are certain situations where you will want to have a professional perform a sewer camera inspection. Whether you are examining a property to buy or you are unsure about the state of your sewer pipes, there are a few common reasons to have your plumbing pipes inspected.

Some common reasons that people have their sewer lines inspected include:

  • The home has Orangeburg pipes
  • There are many trees on the property
  • Slow draining sinks and showers
  • Multiple clogged drains
  • Fluctuating water levels in toilets
  • Unusually wet or green patches of yard
  • Unpleasant smells coming from the lawn or drains
  • The home is more than 30 years old
  • You have not had your pipes inspected recently

If you notice any of these signs, contact our experts at Sewer Pro to conduct a camera inspection of the sewer lines. After the review, our experienced staff will provide an accurate assessment of the sewer’s condition and the cost to repair any damage. This will enable you to negotiate with the seller to take care of the issue before you purchase the home.

Call Sewer Pro Today for a Camera Inspection!

Our Columbus sewer camera inspection technicians can help you identify the extent of the damage in the home that you are planning to buy or list. We provide quality inspection and drain services at affordable prices.

To schedule your sewer camera inspection, dial (614) 452-4500 now.

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  • He explained why my sewer was backing up, and gave me several options, from jetting to replacing the sewer with a trenchless method called sewer relining.

    - Christina C.
  • We had a driveway drain problem that was pooling water and couldn’t seem to get it cleared—the Sewer Pro crew arrived upon a recommendation of our interior plumber and—WOW—they cleared the obstruction in a very short time.

    - Laura B.
  • The guys did a great job and we were very happy with them. Would definitely recommend them and will use them in the future if needed. Thanks again guys for the help.

    - Steve S.

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