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Located in Summit County, Akron, OH has a long history in rubber and plastics manufacturing. It's also the home of the All-American Soap Box Derby, and its nickname "The Rubber Capital of the World" goes back to its heyday as a tire engineering and manufacturing center. Many historic events have taken place in the community, including the passage of the Akron School Law, which established K-12 public education. Many of Akron's neighborhoods are older, and the streets are lined with trees. The city's location along the Cuyahoga River also means that it has a high water table.

With old infrastructure and these environmental conditions, most homeowners in Akron will eventually need a trenchless specialist for sewer rehabilitation. Sewer Pro is proud to serve the entire Akron metro area with reliable CIPP pipe lining services.

Understanding CIPP

Cured-in-place-pipe, which is also called CIPP, is a way to fix malfunctioning or broken pipes without digging a trench. This rehabilitation method is cost-effective, fast and long-lasting. We use portable equipment and an existing access point to insert a liner that bonds with your old pipe. We've performed CIPP pipe lining in Akron, OH for more than 10 years with dependable results.

CIPP Methods We Use

At Sewer Pro, we use two CIPP methods. CIPP lining starts with preparation of the existing pipe. We insert a tough liner, apply a durable resin and shine blue UV light within the liner. The UV energy cures the resin and bonds the liner to the pipe. Our other method, CIPP relining, makes use of a prepared wet liner and steam curing. Both methods deliver cost-effective results for sewer line rehabilitation.

Advantages of CIPP

CIPP restorations have a 50-year lifespan. For as long as you own your Akron home, you'll never need another sewer lateral repair. Some additional advantages of CIPP:

No trenches

Same-day pipe restoration

No landscaping disruption

Hardscaping remains intact

Environmentally safe

Issues Addressed By CIPP Restoration

As your trenchless service provider in Akron, OH, we use CIPP restoration to address these common sewer lateral and drain issues:

  • Compacted or shifted soil
  • Water infiltration
  • Fractures from freeze-and-thaw cycles
  • Corrosion
  • Lime scale and sedimentation
  • Obstructions from tree roots
  • Solid waste clogs

Why Pick Trenchless Repairs?

Repairs done by a trenchless professional won't disrupt your property. You won't have to redo your lawn or landscaping. We don't need to bring in heavy equipment or remove any concrete. This method allows us to navigate around your home's foundation and other features of your property, such as an in-ground pool, a pond or a detached garage.

Count on Sewer Pro

Sewer problems may happen any time of the day or day of the week. At Sewer Pro, we offer emergency service in Akron and the whole state of Ohio. Our upfront pricing, integrity and experience make us the go-to trenchless repair specialists.

Sewer damage won't fix itself. At Sewer Pro, we're the trusted trenchless professional team to handle any type of sewer pipe, drain or lateral issue. For more information about CIPP pipe lining or to obtain a no-obligation estimate, reach out to us today.


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