Pipe Descaling

Pipe Descaling in Columbus, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Sewer Pro is proud to serve all of Ohio. We specialize in drain cleaning and provide many other options to solve the cause of your sewer backups. We are also the top team for pipe descaling in Columbus, OH, and neighboring areas. Our descaling process may be exactly what your pipes need to start working like they used to.

Over time, cast iron pipe builds upscale, reducing the diameter and as a result reducing the flow. Jagged edges develop, causing solids to get caught on them. Over time, this build-up will slow your drains, clog, or even fully block the pipe. To prevent this, reach out to Sewer Pros to utilize our pipe descaling services in Columbus, OH, and other areas we serve.

Cast iron pipes have a tendency to build upscale more than other types. This is because they rust over time and that rust will begin to flake. At Sewer Pro, we are experts when it comes to descaling cast iron sewer pipes. Our non-invasive method of pipe descaling involves using a machine with a rotating cable attached to it, grinding the hard scale away until the original pipe is smooth. This will widen the diameter of the pipe back to its original size and restore the flow. A thorough cleaning can have your pipes working as good as new.

Common Issues That Require Descaling

A sewer backup may be a sign that pipes need descaling. As a trenchless service provider in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas we can help find a solution. Descaling is an effective option when other traditional trenchless services, such as hydro jetting, or even drain snaking cannot be effective. The process for descaling cast iron pipes is also preferred for its versatility and cost-effective nature.

Benefits of Pipe Descaling

One of the biggest benefits of pipe descaling is that it saves customers from having to dig up the floors and replace pipes. This can save both time and money. Descaling will increase the lifespan of the pipes and give you one less thing to worry about. Both drainage and water flow will be improved as well. All of these are great reasons to get in touch with Sewer Pro, your trusted trenchless professional in Columbus, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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Our team is ready to serve clients in a 60-mile radius around Columbus. Contact us today if you think you might benefit from this service or to have any further questions on the topic answered. Our company takes pride in being a top-notch pipe descaler in Columbus, OH, and other areas we serve. Feel free to call us or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment. We offer pipe descaling and other top solutions in the following locations:


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