CIPP Pipe Lining

Minimally Invasive CIPP Pipe Lining in Solon, OH

Known for its strong economy and focus on e-business, Solon, OH is a popular suburb of Cleveland. The community is consistently ranked as one of the safest & best communities for families with kids in Ohio and the USA. If you're like most Solon homeowners, you don't spend much time thinking about your sewer lateral or drain. However, a sewer pipe problem can quickly impact your comfort. As your trenchless service provider in Solon, OH, Sewer Pro is ready to assist you with reliable CIPP pipe lining to restore damaged sewers for good.

Learn About CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP, or cured-in-place-pipe, is a trenchless pipe restoration method. We use equipment with a small footprint and access your sewer line and drain. From there, we insert a liner that bonds with your old pipe. This creates a like-new, strong and long-lasting sewer line that provides 50 years of problem-free service. It works on all types and sizes of residential pipes.

Methods We Use for CIPP Pipe Lining

Our Sewer Pro technicians use two methods of CIPP pipe lining in Solon, OH. The first is pipe lining. We insert a liner into your existing pipe and apply an epoxy resin. UV light cures the resin and bonds the liner to the pipe. CIPP relining uses hot air to cure liner impregnated with wet resin.

CIPP’s Advantages

As Solon's trenchless specialist for CIPP lining, we're ready to complete your pipe restoration in one day or less. Our team of experienced technicians gets the work done accurately and correctly every time. The advantages of CIPP include

  • No disruption of your yard
  • Same-day pipe restoration
  • Hardscaping or landscaping remain intact
  • No need for excavating, or minimal excavation
  • 5-decade liner lifespan

What CIPP Addresses

Solon homes built more than 50 years ago usually have clay tile or cast iron pipes. Offsets and corrosion of these sewer lines lead to numerous problems. Our trenchless professional team also uses CIPP to address mineral scale, tree root obstructions, fractures, waste clogs and grease buildup.

Comparing Trenchless Repairs With Traditional Methods

Traditional methods of pipe restoration damage landscaping and don't work around foundations, ponds and hardscaping. Trenchless repairs navigate around these property features. We complete trenchless repairs in a matter of hours, so there's less risk of environmental damage from sewage leaks. We restore your wastewater system quickly, so you can get back to living your life. Trenchless repairs have a 50-year lifespan and protect your investment.

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At Sewer Pro, we understand that dealing with a malfunctioning sewer pipe is unpleasant and a hassle. We aim to make the pipe restoration process as painless as possible. From our upfront pricing to our professionalism and top-notch workmanship, we're the right choice for CIPP lining. We serve customers throughout Solon and across Ohio.

Sewer issues don't go away by themselves. As a trenchless service company, Sewer Pro offers prompt and efficient results. For more details about CIPP lining in Solon, contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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