CIPP Pipe Lining

High-Quality CIPP Pipe Lining in Westerville, OH

As one of the safest and fastest-growing suburbs of Columbus, OH, Westerville offers the convenience of proximity to big-city amenities with the intimate feel of a small town. Many of Westerville's homes are surrounded by soaring trees and feature beautiful landscaping. The area also includes many historic homes and mid-century houses.

As it is with any property, though, homes in Westerville can be prone to sewer issues down the line. Sooner or later, all Westerville homeowners will need sewer line repairs. With Sewer Pro, you’ve got the trenchless specialist you need for complete sewer line rehabilitation.

Understanding CIPP Pipe Lining

CIPP pipe lining involves inserting a durable liner within the old, damaged pipe, creating a new pipe within a pipe. The liner bonds with the old pipe, making it stronger and resistant to corrosion, heat, acids, alkaline substances, abrasive substances, and tree root intrusion. As the premier trenchless service provider in Westerville, OH, we offer this method of pipe rehabilitation for all homeowners whose sewer lines are compromised or are at risk of failure.

The CIPP Pipe Lining Method We Use

At Sewer Pro, we use UV curing of epoxy liners. After we clean the existing pipe, our lining drum inserts a liner coated in epoxy resin. Once the new liner is properly positioned, we insert a UV light into the pipe. The blue light from the bulb cures the epoxy liner. We also offer CIPP relining that cures with the application of hot air.

Advantages of CIPP Rehabilitation

CIPP repairs last for 50 years or longer. For most Westerville homeowners, no additional sewer repairs will be needed. CIPP works on pipes of any age, size, and type. Trenchless rehabilitation means minimal disruption. Within a few hours, we finish the work, and you can resume your usual household activities.

Sewer Line Issues We Address With CIPP

CIPP pipe lining solves the most common problems Westerville property owners have with sewer lines.

The sewer lines that we can address with CIPP include:

  • Tree roots
  • Lime buildup
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks

Reasons Trenchless Repairs Are Advisable in Westerville

Trenchless methods don't require extensive digging. We only need one access point for CIPP pipe lining in Westerville, OH, and we can use an existing clean-out or manhole. If neither currently exists, we will need to dig a small excavation to install the liner. We can also install a clean out for future access to the pipe. Our equipment navigates under sidewalks, driveways, detached garages, houses, landscaping, and more. This saves time and money on every project. Trenchless repairs are safe for the environment and don't harm trees or gardens.

Why Westerville Homeowners Can Count on Sewer Pro

We serve the entire Westerville area, including the surrounding communities of Sunbury, Delaware, New Albany, and Sharon Woods. Our service area extends throughout Northeast Ohio. As sewer malfunctions can happen at any time, we're available for emergency service. Our technicians treat you and your property with respect, arrive on time, and clean the work area upon completion of your sewer repair.

Sewer issues don't fix themselves, which is why you need a trenchless professional like our team at Sewer Pro. In less than one day, we can rehabilitate your sewer line and restore proper function to your wastewater pipe. For more information or to obtain a no-obligation, written estimate for our CIPP pipe lining services, contact us today!


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